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POV stands for:

  • Persistence of vision, also referred to as "sluggishness of the eye" or "afterimage effect", see persistence of vision
  • Point of View (German: point of view , point of view , standpoint ) means:
    • a personal opinion , point of view, point of view, or narrative perspective ; Wikipedia internally mostly means the opposite of the imperative neutral point of view , the Neutral Point of View ( NPOV )
    • Point Of View (band) , a German electro-pop formation
    • Point-of-View-Shot , in film, photography and video games the so-called “subjective camera”: the optical perspective or setting from the perspective of an actor
    • Point-of-View-Shot # Pornofilm , a genre of pornographic films
  • POV-Ray Persistence of Vision , a ray tracing program
  • Pyramid of Vision, a term from perspective painting, see pyramid of sight
  • a music album by the band Utopia
  • Privately Owned Vehicle, used as an abbreviation in the US military in particular. Significant for the soldiers' own car, which z. B. are to be parked within the barracks in specially designated parking zones for POV
  • Prešov military airfield (IATA code), military airfield of the Air Force of the Slovak Republic

POV stands for:

pov stands for:

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