Breakdown kit

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Unused breakdown set of an Opel Corsa Ds .
On the left the compressor with nozzle and pressure gauge .
At the top right the tire sealant , underneath a pressure hose.

The tire puncture set (also called tire repair kit ) replaces the spare tire in many vehicles . A breakdown kit for the car essentially consists of a special tire sealant or a tire sealant gel, mostly based on latex. The tire sealant is either pressed into the tire using a squeeze bottle or is filled into the defective tire using a compressor connected to the cigarette lighter. The compressor is also used to inflate a tire in cases. Such repair kits can only temporarily repair minor damage such as short cuts caused by punctures. The vehicle can then be moved at low speed over a limited distance to the nearest repair shop.

The problem is that provisionally patched tires are often not accepted for repair by the tire specialist. A new tire must then be bought, although the defective tire could possibly be repaired. In cars that are equipped with certain tire pressure control systems, u. U. the tire pressure sensor can be made unusable by the sealant. In these cases, it would be more economical to use a conventional emergency or spare wheel in order to have the original tire repaired later at a relatively inexpensive tire specialist.

Compared to full-fledged spare wheels or the smaller-sized emergency wheels, breakdown kits are only an auxiliary measure that should only be used by repair shops in areas with good coverage. If the tire sealant is not sufficient for the repair, a new tire can be obtained at short notice.

The motivation for introducing the breakdown kit was, among other things, weight reduction and CO 2 savings by achieving a lower flywheel class .

For motorcycle and bicycle tires, breakdown kits are available in cans filled with propellant . The propellant gas is also used here to refill the tire.

Breakdown kits have a best-before date. After some time, the contained ingredients are no longer able to develop their full effect and to properly seal the tires.