Cardboard (disambiguation)

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Cardboard stands for:

  • Cardboard , paper-like material, see also cardboard (material)
  • in the Federal Republic of Germany until the mid-1980s, synonymous with the made of gray cardboard existing license used; Since this has been replaced by the smaller, pink variant since around 1986, the term is rarely used today
  • the connotation of LSD trip among drug users, since the LSD is often dripped on paper. Some other drugs can also be taken this way, see also Blotter (LSD)
  • outdated, colloquial for meal probably in porridge form for the poor and the sick
  • Jokingly used in the GDR for the Trabant ( Trabi ), the so-called racing cardboard
  • In the GDR, this is also a joke term for the license to play or the professional ID

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