Pellucidal marginal degeneration

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Classification according to ICD-10
H18.7 Other corneal deformities
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The pelluzide edge degeneration (from latin lucidum and degeneratio "degeneration" in Biology and Medicine "decay" of cells, tissues or organs) is a thickness loss minor peripheral (on the edge befindlicher) corneal parts , which are usually characterized by a decrease vision in inversus astigmatism expresses.

Pellucidal marginal degeneration with hydrops and detachment of the Descemet membrane

Synonyms are: Pellucide marginal corneal degeneration; PMD; English Pellucid marginal degeneration; PMCD

The name was coined in 1957 by the ophthalmologist V. Schlaeppi.


The frequency and cause are unknown.

Clinical manifestations

Clinical criteria are:

Differential diagnosis

Mainly the keratoconus is to be distinguished with essential differences also in the treatment.


To this day, there is still no agreement on the best possible treatment, as this disease only occurs very rarely. With glasses it is usually not possible to compensate for the refractive error. Optical rehabilitation is often only possible with special quadrant-specific contact lenses .

However, there is the possibility of inserting a transplant with the help of an operation , the removal ( resection ) of the thinned area or a moon-shaped peripheral corneal transplant .


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