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The Philo-Lexicon. Handbook of Jewish knowledge is a first time in 1934 in Berlin Philo-Verlag published Encyclopedia on all aspects of Judaism and its history. The foreword comes from Leo Baeck , who is also listed among the employees. The keywords are not signed and should only be included "if they contain something worth knowing from a Jewish perspective" (preface).

The editors and editors were the librarian Emanuel bin Gorion, the musicologist Alfred Loeven (alias Alfred Loewenberg), the economist Otto Neuburger and the journalist Johann F. Oppenheimer (also Hans Oppenheimer). The list of employees includes 96 other names.

The manual has two columns per page and a column count, in the first edition there are 800 columns, the fourth edition comprises 832 columns, supplemented by almost 300 illustrations, tables and maps.

It appeared several times in updated and expanded form, the last in 1937 in the 4th edition; the total print run is 31,000 copies.
The 3rd edition from 1936 was reprinted unchanged by the Jüdischer Verlag in 1982 and is still available today.

In the first edition, the lexicon went from Isaac from Aachen to the cypress , the wood of which Solomon used to build temples . This should put relatively harmless keywords at the beginning and end, i.e. not Aaron to Zweig .


“The Philo-Lexicon is intended to be a guide through all areas of Jewish knowledge from the past and present. It is the attempt to teach in a small space about everything that includes Judaism: religion and history, achievement and life. The figures and concepts of Jewish antiquity and the Middle Ages form the basis of this work; but just as much is devoted to modern Jewish existence, to the German language and cultural area within which the lexicon appears, as to the development of the new Palestine. "

- from the foreword by the editor and the publisher, Philo-Lexikon 1936, p. IV


  • Philo-Lexicon: Handbook of Jewish Knowledge . Ed. U. Ed .: Emanuel Bin Gorion; Alfred Loeven; Otto Neuburger; Johann F. Oppenheimer. Berlin: Philo-Verlag, 1934
    • second edition 1935; third expanded and improved edition 1936; fourth expanded and enlarged edition 1937
    • Reprint of the third edition from 1936 in 1982


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