Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer

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Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer (Hebrew: chapter = sayings of Rabbi Eliezer , reference to Eliezer ben Hyrkanos , who is not the author; also: Baraita de Rabbi Eliezer , Mishnah de Rabbi Eliezer , Haggada de Rabbi Eliezer , PRE ), probably originated from 700 (although it uses much older material) in Palestine, is a midrash-like Jewish script.

It covers the 1st book , in small parts also the 2nd and 4th books of Moses in 7 sections with 54 chapters, in detail Creation, Adam to Noah, confusion of languages, Abraham to Jacob, the story of Moses to the golden calf, describes details from the life of Eliezer, philosophizes about the "descendants of Amalek ", makes remarks about the Esther role, about Mirjam's punishment, philosophizes about future redemption and various miracles. Some of the explanations are thematically linked to individual benedictions of the Amida .

The writing is obviously incomplete because the author (one suspects an individual person as its author) could not finish his work.

Actually, it is not a midrash in spite of midrash-like features (allowing individual traditions to appear in the name of their - often pseudepigraphic - speakers), but an attempt to retell the Bible (" rewritten Bible "), similar to some Arabic biblical narratives.


  • First edition Constantinople 1514
  • Venice 1544
  • G. Friedländer, London 1916
  • Geniza fragments in N. Alloni and ZM Rabinowitz (1979)


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