Plaz tunnel

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Route (sign on the railway educational trail)
Aerial view of the Plaz tunnel.

The Plaz tunnel is the second lowest spiral tunnel of the Albula Railway on the Bergün - Preda section in the canton of Graubünden ( Switzerland ). It has a length of 262 meters. The Plaz Tunnel and the God Tunnel , a little further down the line, make it possible to take advantage of the slope of the Val Tisch and thus gain additional vertical meters for the railway line in a detour, without which an adhesion railway would not be possible. The route with God and Plaz tunnels also means that Bergün can be viewed three times from the route through the two 180 ° bends.


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Coordinates: 46 ° 37 '42 "  N , 9 ° 45' 31.1"  E ; CH1903:  777649  /  one hundred sixty-six thousand seven hundred and forty-eight