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The postfeminism radicalized by the deconstruction and Poststrukturalismus the feminism . In post-feminism, both biological gender (sex) and social gender ( gender ) are viewed as social constructs and are therefore rejected as classification units. The focus is no longer on the subject "woman", but on its subjectification .

At the center of this theory is the difference between people; H. Assumed similarities / gender identities are dissolved / deconstructed. Instead, it assumes that there are as many identities as there are people. The bisexuality assumed in the previous approaches is also disputed from a deconstructivist point of view and replaced by the assumption of pluralism.

The most important representative of post-feminism is Judith Butler . Among other things, she wrote “Gender Trouble. Feminism and the Subversion of Identity " (Eng." The unease of the sexes ") in 1990 and " Bodies That Matter " (Eng. Body of weight) in 1994. In both books she deals with the queer- Theory . One of Butler's most significant contributions was a performative model of gender in which the categories “masculine” and “feminine” are understood as repetitions of actions rather than natural or inevitable absolutes. These contributions were also significant to feminist and critical theory-building, because In doing so, Butler challenged the category of "women" as the subject of feminism. This led to bitter debates within feminist theory, especially in Germany.


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