Postal history of Lesse

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The postal history of Lesse describes the historical development of the postal system in Lesse .

Postal history

Early postmark from Lesse

On October 1, 1867, a postal expedition was opened in Lesse , which was connected to Salder by a driving post. The land delivery took place to Berel, Hohenassel, Nordassel, Oelber aw W. and Westerlinde.

Due to the short period of use, the two-circle tendon stamp is very rare, Lesse has no longer received a rust-mesh stamp .

In the northern German postal district (1868) it continued to exist as a post expedition, but was then converted into a postal agency in 1874 and a postal administration in 1896 .

The post expedition was probably housed in the demolished "Crome School", under the schoolteacher Horn (until 1895).

On May 1, 1895, the post office moves into the rented house of the Lesser post office manager Engelke, who was related to the widow Reinecke from the Reineckschen Villa (children's home), from which he also inherits the building (today 30 Zum Hohen Tor).

On April 1, 1934, the post rooms in the building “Zum Hohen Tor 3” (Linde's property) were set up and the rooms “Zum Hohen Tor 30” no longer needed after the land delivery service was discontinued. Mr. Struckmann will be the first manager in the new premises.

The Lesse post office (38228 Salzgitter 13), Zum Hohen Tor 3, closed on December 31, 2003.

Mid-January 2004 opening of a post shop in the Genther gas station, Nienstedter Strasse. Operation by Ms. Schulle. Continuation of the postmark 38228 Salzgitter 13 (Lesse) with the stamp identification "a".

The post shop closes on March 31, 2009, supply of postage stamp sales and parcel acceptance via the Bernd Pöhl bakery in Nienstedter Strasse. A postmark is no longer used.

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