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Physical unit
Unit name Pound-force
Unit symbol
Physical quantity (s) force
Formula symbol
system Anglo-American system of measurement
In SI units
Derived from Pound

Pound-force (Engl. Colloquially pound translates force pounds ) is an Anglo-American unit for forces and with lb, lbf or lb f abbreviated. One pound-force corresponds to the force that is exerted on a mass of one English Avoirdupois pound (0.45359237 kg) due to the acceleration of gravity on the earth's surface. Usually the standard acceleration rate g n  = 9.80665 m / s² is used, but sometimes rounded to 32.17405 ft / s² or the like. It follows that a pound-force corresponds to about 4.4482 N.

For pipes and tire pressures according to the US American standard, the compressive strength is specified in psi or lbs , which means pounds per square inch , more precisely pound-force per square inch .

1000 times this unit is sometimes referred to in the USA as kip (from kilo-pound). The unit is mainly used by architects and civil engineers.

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