Praktica LTL

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Praktica LTL (black) with the standard lens
The Praktica LTL as Porst Reflex CX-6

The Pentacon Praktica LTL is a single-lens reflex camera from the Dresden-based company Pentacon, which at that time was still operating under the name Kombinat VEB Pentacon Dresden . The camera belongs to the L series, represents the "middle class", so to speak, and is the predecessor of the Praktica LTL2 . It was manufactured from around 1970 to around 1975.

Identical to Porst Reflex CX-6

The LTL was identical to the Porst Reflex CX-6 with the exception of a modified top cap and was built under this name for Porst for export, mainly to the Federal Republic of Germany .


  • TTL exposure metering
  • Steel lamella shutter with exposure times between 1/1000 and 1 second, additional setting for bulb (long exposure and flash light)
  • Lens connection: M42
  • Film speed adjustable from ASA 12 to ASA 1600
  • Viewfinder: Pentaprism with Fresnel ground glass , in the center of the viewfinder there is also a microprism ring.
  • The exposure metering is displayed via the pointer instrument on the right in the viewfinder
  • Dip button separate from shutter release button
  • Mechanical self-timer on the front of the device with an expiry time of approx. 8 seconds
  • Flash units can be connected to the plug-in shoe above the pentaprism, the synchronization time is 1/60 s.
  • Release lock with display in the viewfinder
  • Power supply for exposure metering: 625 button cell in the underside of the housing
  • Image counter on the top of the device (resets automatically when the rear panel is opened)
  • knobbed camera cover
  • rectangular connection on the viewfinder for attaching eyepiece accessories

Standard lens equipment was a Pentacon 50mm f / 1.8 lens. The black finish is rare on the early first series LTL. The virtually identical successor models LTL 2, LTL3 and MTL were far more numerous in black. All models are also built in silver-aluminum colors.

Sales price in the Federal Republic of Germany: approx. 250 DM (around 1980)

Manufacturer: Pentacon (DDR)

Explanation about the middle class: The simpler sister models either have no exposure metering or only a simple selenium outside light metering device in front of the rewind crank. The better models EE, PLC and VLC have an open aperture measurement with electrical transmission of the aperture values; the black ring flange then has three contact strips all around. The VLC also has an interchangeable viewfinder (penta prism against light shaft or magnifying glass). Furthermore, the image adjustment disks are changeable.

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