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The project management is the core of a professional construction management . It enables the processes in project work to be managed in such a way that the project goals can be achieved. The quality promotion measures serve to continuously improve these processes.

Project management HOAI

The term project management was first used in 1977 in the fee schedule for architects and engineers (HOAI) and clearly distinguishes it from other project management services in terms of both concept and content . The scope of the project management services was defined in Section 31 of the HOAI. After the HOAI amendment on August 11, 2009, the service profile was no longer included.

Project management in the sense of the HOAI was the assumption of client functions that could be delegated, such as B .:

  • Creation and coordination of the program for the overall project.
  • Preparation and monitoring of organization, schedule and payment plans related to the project and those involved in the project.
  • Keeping the client informed about the project execution and timely bringing about decisions by the client.

The fee for project management services could be freely agreed, according to HOAI.

The unclear demarcation to services that the architect has to provide led to heated discussions and very different interpretations of the fee expectations for 20 years.

Project management AHO

On the part of the AHO ( Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for the Fee Regulations ), the performance profile of project management has been further developed since 1996 in order to create a more clearly defined performance profile for project management services.

The scope of the project management therefore includes the services of contractors who take over the functions of the client in the management of projects with several departments in a staff function.

The services are divided into five areas of activity and five project stages.

The areas of action

A Organization, information, coordination and documentation
B qualities and quantities
C Costs and Financing
D Deadlines, capacities and logistics
E contracts and insurance

The project stages

  1. Project preparation
  2. planning
  3. Preparation for execution
  4. execution
  5. Project completion


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