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Logo of the publisher "Prospekt Nauki"

Prospekt Nauki ( Russian Проспект Науки ) is a Russian publisher that publishes technical and scientific literature as well as reference works and textbooks for scientists and students .

The publishing house is located in Saint Petersburg and is entirely privately owned.

His publications include a. Topics such as microbiology , biotechnology , medical technology , life sciences , construction and environmental management .

Origin of the name

The publishing house got its name - this means "street of science" in Russian - from the practice common in the 1960s in the Soviet Union of naming streets after achievements or goals of Soviet culture. Although the publishing house was founded after the fall of communism , the founders decided on this name, as this name reflects the publishing program of scientific books.


The publisher's books are recommended for use at over 160 universities in Russia alone and are also used in Ukraine , Belarus and Kazakhstan .

The “Prospekt Nauki” publishing house only publishes books by specialists as well as by professors and rectors of the most famous Russian universities and academies .

The books are mainly acquired for their scientists by educational institutions, scientific and technical libraries and companies that are active in the respective special fields.

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