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The Psychiatric Publishing was founded in 1978 by Klaus Dörner established Ursula Plog, Asmus Finzen and Hilde Schädle-Deininger. The thematic focus is social psychiatry . The publishing house has been based in Cologne since 2012. It currently consists of eight permanent employees, with one workplace always available for a colleague with psychiatric experience.


In 1977 Klaus Dörner and Ursula Plog were looking for a way to get their manuscript for a psychiatry textbook on the market as cheaply as possible. Together with Asmus Finzen and Hilde Schädle-Deininger, they founded Psychiatrie Verlag in 1978. The first managing directors were initially voluntary, a large part of the dispatch took place via occupational therapy. The founding title "To err is human" has been sold around 400,000 times.

Psychiatrie Verlag has been cooperating with the medical specialist publisher Schattauer from Stuttgart since 2010. As the new partner in Psychiatrie Verlag, Schattauer Verlag holds the majority share, the previous shareholders keep their respective shares. In addition to Schattauer, the publisher's shareholders are the German Society for Social Psychiatry (DGSP) and the Family Self-Help / Federal Association of Relatives of Mentally Ill People (BApK).

In 2019 he received the German Publishing Prize .

Goal setting

Since "To err is human", the following applies: In addition to specialist knowledge and information, the books by Psychiatrie Verlag want to convey a basic social-psychiatric attitude that is reflected in content in a person-oriented, understanding approach. This is why the books are usually written in a way that is understandable for laypeople and appeal to psychiatric experts, relatives and professionals alike.

The set goals of the publisher are:

  • to achieve a humane, patient-friendly, preventive and democratically organized health system;
  • to work towards a training, further education and further training oriented towards the needs of the mentally ill and disabled of all professional groups working in psychiatry;
  • to promote the social and professional integration of the mentally ill and disabled into society.

In order to achieve the stated goals, the publisher not only develops the relevant books, but also organizes and supports events for training, further education and health education. For example, the Psychiatrie-Verlag sponsors the renowned "Research Prize of the German Society for Social Psychiatry ".

Psychiatric network

Psychiatrie Verlag operates the psychiatric network in cooperation with the German Society for Social Psychiatry (DGSP), the Action Mentally Ill (ApK), the umbrella association for community psychiatry, the family self-help psychiatry and Paranus Verlag. There information on mental illnesses is provided and contact points for those seeking help are named.

Book series

The program is divided into different book series

  • "Expertise"
  • "Basic knowledge"
  • "Better care"
  • "Textbook"
  • »Psychosocial work aids«
  • "Edition Das Narrenschiff"
  • "Research for Practice"
  • "Anthropological Psychiatry"

Spin-off BALANCE buch + medien verlag

In 2007 the Balance buch + medien verlag was founded out of the Psychiatrie-Verlag and in 2009 it was converted into an imprint of the Psychiatrie-Verlag. In addition to guides and experience reports, the publisher now also offers children's books and professional guides on the subject of mental illness.

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