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PunBB.org forum

The PunBB.org forum with the standard skin "Oxygen".
Basic data

developer PunBB team
Publishing year 2003
Current  version 1.4.4
(October 14, 2015)
operating system platform independent
programming language PHP
category Internet forum
License GPL ( Free Software )

PunBB is a PHP -based free software for operating discussion forums with the aim and claim to be faster and to get by with fewer hardware resources than other popular forum software. It is published under the GNU General Public License . Further goals of the development were a more economical use of graphics and the output of semantically correct (X) HTML . PunBB achieves its goal of "lightness" above all by dispensing with functions that do not necessarily belong to a classic discussion forum, such as B. a function for private messaging. Instead, more programming effort is put into optimizing the lean software. By cascading style sheets many individual adaptations of the forum without opening the actual source code are possible.

Due to the concept of a "light" forum system, the PunBB lacks some functions that are common in other forum systems, including:

  • private messages
  • File attachments
  • Survey
  • advanced text formatting

Most of these unsupported functions can, however, be implemented through the use of independently developed and easily retrofittable modifications.


PunBB is written in PHP and therefore needs a corresponding PHP environment. PunBB also needs a database for the forums and posts. The software supports MySQL , PostgreSQL and SQLite .


In May 2008 the PunBB development team split up due to disagreements about functions to be implemented; some of them started working on FluxBB , a fork of PunBB. However, both teams work closely together.

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