Quality management manual

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The quality management manual (QM manual for short) is an internal compilation and documentation of the company's quality management system.


On the one hand, it describes the attitude of management towards quality in the company, but also the resulting measures. The QM manual was a requirement from EN ISO 9001 ; In the subsequent 2015 revision, the manual is no longer mandatory.

The structure of the QM manual is often based on that of the standard, so that external readers can quickly get an overview of the relevant information. The basic idea is the compact summary of the management system in a central and always up-to-date place, which should be available to every employee. This also applies to all other applicable documents, such as process descriptions, procedural instructions and work instructions .

The type of documentation is not required. It can be in paper form or electronically, for example via the intranet.

Individual evidence

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