Ramat Chovav

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Chemical plant in Ramat Chovav illuminated at night

Ramat Chovav ( Hebrew רמת חובב) (also "Ramat Hovav") is an industrial area in Israel about 13 km south of Beersheba . The industrial area is one of the most important in Israel and is mainly home to heavy chemical industry. It was founded in the 1970s.

The industrial area is politically independent and does not belong to any regional authority (" Industrial Council "), a special case that only applies to the Tefen industrial area in northern Israel. This fact is often criticized because it makes companies the only “citizens” of the political unit.

Many environmental problems are caused by the industrial area, which are gradually being addressed in recent years. The environmental problems have often provoked protests from environmental organizations and local citizens, and this environmental conflict is considered to be one of the most serious in Israel.

Ramat Chovav is connected to the Naharija – Be'er Sheva railway line by an industrial railway .


Chemical industry: