Reform of the German spelling from 1944

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The planned reform of the German spelling of 1944 was a failed attempt to change the German spelling. A million copies of the rules were already in print for school use in 1944, but were never introduced.

It was developed on the initiative of the Reich Minister of Education, Bernhard Rust , who originally wanted to push through even more extensive reform plans. However, they met resistance from the Reich Ministry of the Interior .

The set of rules developed by Otto Basler , Erich Gierach and Karl Reumuth provided for: the optional Germanization of foreign words (Filosof, Fosfor, Rabarber, rytmisch, Teater, Tese, Kautsch, Miliö, Ragu, Träner, Tur) , the omission of the third consonant in all compositions (leaf funnel, greasy, nitrogen-free) , the stronger alignment of the word separation at the end of the line after (spoken) syllables ( why, over, window) and the omission of the comma in front of main clauses that start with and or or be initiated.

On Hitler's orders , the planned introduction of the new rules in schools at the beginning of the 1944/45 school year was classified as "not war important" and postponed. Basler had its rules and regulations re-published in a slightly revised version in 1948, but was unable to enforce the changes contained therein.

Some of the changes planned by Rust were taken up again in the 1996 reform of German spelling , for example the word breaker at the end of a line.


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