Revision control system

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Revision control system

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Basic data

Maintainer Thien-Thi Nguyen
developer GNU project
Publishing year 1982
Current  version 5.9.4
(January 22, 2015)
operating system Unix
programming language C.
category Version management
License GNU General Public License

The Revision Control System ( RCS ) is software for the version management of files on the computer . It is used especially for text files such as source texts , configuration files or documentation for the administration and documentation of changes.

RCS manages individual files and can therefore not be used, or only to a limited extent, to manage entire projects . RCS is essentially comparable to SCCS . However, since RCS, unlike SCCS, does not keep a checksum in the history file and saves the last current overall version, it is more susceptible to unnoticed defects in the history file than SCCS. In software development in particular , it was replaced by CVS , which was initially a network-compatible attachment to RCS, but now only has the file format in common with RCS.

RCS was originally developed in the early 1980s by Walter F. Tichy , who was employed at Purdue University at the time . RCS is now part of the GNU project , but is still being developed by Purdue University.


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