Rex 6000

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The Rex 6000 in size comparison with one hand

The Rex 6000 is a complete PDA the size of a PCMCIA card. It was produced by Xircom until August 2001 .

It is the successor to the Rex 5001 and (unlike its predecessor) has a touchscreen . It is powered by two flat button cells (2 × CR2016) and has a Z80 -compatible processor as well as 2 MB Flash RAM, which retains the data stored on the device even when the batteries are empty. The monochrome display has 240 × 120 pixels.

A keyboard is displayed for entering data; handwriting recognition is not implemented. The standard version has an American key layout and has a calendar, an address book, a to-do list, a notebook, a world clock and a calculator. With the help of the supplied software, the Rex 6000 can be synchronized with a PC or laptop . Either plug it directly into a PCMCIA slot or connect it to the PC using the docking station supplied.

The Japanese company Citizen had a similar mini PDA called Dataslim2 , for which a software development kit was available. With its help it was possible to write various additional programs, all of which were made available free of charge, for example games, an overview of appointments, scientific calculators, a painting program, a mini piano and much more. Using a special program, some owners changed the keyboard layout and the built-in character set; Not only were various Central European Rex 6000 versions created, but also Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew versions.

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