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A rotor ( Latin rotare = 'to turn') is the turning ( rotating ) part of a machine or unit . In particular, one speaks of a rotor when there is also a stator . The investigation and solution of the problems that arise with fast rotation is the task of rotor dynamics as a technical science.

Electrical engineering

Squirrel cage rotor (rotor) of an asynchronous motor

In rotating electrical machines , the entire rotating part of the machine is referred to as the rotor or, alternatively, as a rotor such as the squirrel-cage rotor . Depending on the design of the machine, the terms armature or drum armature , inductor or pole wheel are also common.


Tail rotor of a super puma

In the case of aerodynamically acting rotors, such as the propellers of aircraft (see also air screw ), the term rotor means the entirety of the hub , rotor blades and shaft . Instead of the simple hub, helicopters and wind turbines with blade angle adjustment have a rotor head .


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