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Rotor and stator of an electric motor
Principle of an electrostatic loudspeaker
An axial compressor. The standing blades are the stators.

A stator (also: stand , from the Latin stare = stand still) is the fixed, immovable part of a device, especially if there is also a rotor . For example in an electric motor , generator , hydraulic motor or pump - in contrast to the moving part, the rotor (classic rotating) or the translator in a linear motor .

Electric device

The stator is often also the housing and in electric motors and generators, with the exception of DC machines, is always made of " laminated steel " , with rare exceptions . It serves here as a common core for the induction coils . In contrast to this, in the case of the bell- shaped armature motor and the Ferrari rotor motor, the stator is partially located within the hollow armature . With the external rotor motor , the stator is completely inside the rotor.

In the case of electrostatic loudspeakers ("ESL" for short), the fixed electrode grids are called stators. In contrast to the magnetostat , the audio signal is not applied to the sound-emitting membrane , but is modulated onto the grid voltage . The membrane itself is under high, constant voltage (between 1,000 and 5,000 volts ) and interacts electrodynamically with the fields of the stators.

Compressor and turbine

In fluid energy machines such as ( axial ) compressors and turbines , a stationary (non-rotating) guide vane ring is called a stator. After leaving an impeller, it directs the flow of the medium, which is deflected obliquely to the longitudinal axis of the machine, straight again and thus at a favorable angle to the next blade ring. With some machines such as B. compressors of jet engines, the angle of attack of the stator blades can be adjusted with an adjustment mechanism during operation.


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