Round trip

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Round trip
Round trip
Type Mooring lines
application Strain relief
Ashley No. 41
English Round turn
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A round trip is a basic form of knotting . It occurs when a line is wrapped around an object one and a half times. The line winds around the object by 540 °.


If you put a line around an object or another line to carry a heavy load or the pull of a boat, this is called a trip . If a line wraps an object only once (360 °), it is a trip.

So the term trip is also used in general without going into the number of turns. The simple trip is also a basic form of knot science , in which the legs of a bay cross each other. The simple trip is a synonym for the " eye " in the narrower sense.

Applications and modifications

The round turn is used to reduce the force required to hold an object. Less force has to be exerted on the loose part, since an object attached to the stationary part must also overcome the rope friction on the wrapping.

On a simple trip you only need about 40% of the force to stop. With two round trips, 5.9% is sufficient.

Individual evidence

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