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SHFS stands for SH ell F ile S ystem and is a network file system . It belongs to the Linux operating system and is a software module for the Linux kernel from version 2.4. With SHFS, a file system can be made available ( mounted ) from a remote computer with a simple remote shell . Mounting can also be done using / etc / fstab entries. The development of SHFS was stopped in 2004; until 2006 there were still patches on the Sourceforge project page.

Another approach for mounting file systems via the file transfer protocol SSH is followed by SSHFS , which forms a file system driver for the FUSE kernel module .

The SHFS provides a kernel module and can be loaded via the initrd . However, since further programs / libraries / files are required for operation, it is hardly possible to mount system directories at system start with all the described file systems such as / usr or / home. This is currently only done by the network file system NFS, which is considered insecure due to a lack of authentication .

All mentioned file systems work with OpenSSH and encrypt the transmission of the data from the registration process as well as the actual data transmission. The SHFS can, for example, by the following command:

shfsmount --cmd="ssh -c blowfish %u@%h /bin/bash" user@host:/tmp /mnt/shfs/

to use the very fast Blowfish encryption algorithm. The SHFS uses the SFTP as a server-side interface.

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