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SIKART Lexicon on Art in Switzerland is a lexicon of the Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA) on historical and contemporary art in Switzerland. The editorially managed lexicon offers combined query options for artists, works, exhibitions, literature, awards and documents. It contains over 16,000 entries on current and historical artists, including around 1,600 detailed biographical articles.

Additions reflect the reception of contemporary artists in the art business. In the case of historical artists, it is primarily new research results that are recorded.

In 1991, SIK-ISEA published its first fully computer-aided publication, the Swiss Artists Directory (KVS) . The two-volume Biographical Lexicon of Swiss Art (BLSK), which was published in book form in 1998, developed from this project . This work contains over 12,000 short entries and around 1,100 detailed articles with a work illustration and further references. The BLSK forms the template for SIKART both conceptually and in terms of content.

In February 2006, SIKART Lexicon on Art in Switzerland went online. The entry language corresponds to the principle of territoriality . The language region in which an artist lives or worked is decisive. In addition to the articles in German, French or Italian, the navigation, the help texts and the thesauri are also available in English. Various entries are available in two languages; For example, all articles about artists who have represented Switzerland at the Venice Biennale since 1980 are also available in English.


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