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Server computer motherboard for two AMD Opteron CPUs

Compact Electronics Bay Specification ( CEB ) is the standard form factor for dual processor - motherboard , which by the Server System Infrastructure ( SSI is) forum defined (specified), often as an abbreviation SSI CEB written. The SSI CEB specifications are primarily intended for server computer cases, motherboards, power supplies and other server computer elements related to the motherboard. An SSI CEB motherboard is 305 mm × 267 mm (12.0 inches × 10.5 inches) in size.

The SSI CEB specifications were developed from the EEB and ATX specifications. SSI CEB motherboards have the same IO connection unit and often the same motherboard screw holes as ATX motherboards. The connection level for plug-in cards is the same as for ATX motherboards. However, SSI CEB motherboards are generally larger in size than ATX motherboards and often have different CPU mounting sockets and are mostly designed as dual-CPU (double) or quad-CPU (quadruple) motherboards, which are single-processor (mono-CPU) versions much less often.

SSI Specification
  • SSI CEB specification - Compact Electronics Bays (small form factor DP)
  • SSI TEB 2.11 specification - Thin Electronics Bay (1U / 2U Rack Optimized)
  • SSI EEB 3.61 specification - Entry-Level Electronics Bays (Pedestal optimized)
  • SSI EEB 2008 - EEB Rev 1.0 Electronics Bay Specification for 2008 Servers and Workstations

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