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August Kobus (born October 24, 1900 in Neuendorf, Ueckermünde , Pomerania ; † March 15, 1946 in Bruchsal ) was a Nazi war criminal in World War II .

He served from 1913 to 1918 as an officer and participated in the First World War in part. In 1931 he joined the NSDAP . For four and a half years he was mayor and NSDAP local group leader of Freilassing .

Kobus was indicted before an American military tribunal from November 13-14 , 1945 in the course of the aviation trials , the American pilot Chester E. Coggeshall, who was shot down in his plane near Sillersdorf about five kilometers from Freilassing on April 16, 1945 and surrendered had to have executed. The wounded aviator Coggeshall was captured near Sillersdorf by a village police officer and a member of the Wehrmacht and brought to Freilassing. Instead of first aid or medical treatment by Kobus, he was brought to a wooded area in an armored vehicle of the Wehrmacht, where he was killed by two headshots by Kobus.

Kobus claimed that he acted on the telephone order of the district leader of the NSDAP, Bernhard Stredele , because he was his superior. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging .

The sentence was carried out in the Bruchsal correctional facility on March 15, 1946.

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