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This list explains the flags of the subjects of the Russian Federation .

See: Political Organization of Russia

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  • autonomous area
  • autonomous circle
  • Russia is divided into 83 federation subjects (Субъект Федерации subject Federazii) with different degrees of autonomy, most of which have their own flags. These are units with different degrees of autonomy.

    The federal subjects include:

    • 21 republics ( Russian Республика , pl. Республики )
    • 1 autonomous region ( Russian Автономная Область )
    • 4 autonomous districts ( Okrug ) ( Russian Автономный Округ , pl. Автономные Округа )
    • 9 regions ( Krai ) ( Russian Край , pl. Края )
    • 46 regions ( Oblast ) ( Russian Область , pl. Области )
    • 2 cities of federal rank ( Russian Город Федерального Значения , pl. Города Федерального Значения )


    The governors of the 21 republics of the Russian Federation are personally appointed by the president, which shows the dependence on central authority.

    location Flag / SV republic Remarks
    Russia - Republic of Adygea (2008-01) .svg Adygea RepublicRepublic of Adygea
    1: 2
    Республика Адыгея
    Respublika Adygeja
    The flag was designed by the Scotsman David Urquhart in the 1830s when he was helping the British government resist annexation by Russia. This resistance is indicated by the arrows. Green stands for agriculture, gold for peace. The twelve stars stand for the twelve tribes of the people, nine aristocratic and three democratically organized.
    Russia - Altai Republic (2008-01) .svg Altai RepublicAltai Republic
    2: 3
    Republic of Altai
    In the flag of the Altai Republic , blue stands for the cleanliness of the sky, mountains, rivers and lakes in the region. White stands for eternity and harmony among people.
    Russia - Republic of Bashkortostan (2008-01) .svg Bashkortostan RepublicRepublic of Bashkortostan
    1: 2
    The flag of Bashkortostan consists of a horizontally arranged tricolor . Blue stands for forbearance and virtue, white for openness, green for freedom and eternal life. The "Kurai" flower stands for the seven races of the people. The seven flowers represent the former Bashkir tribes.
    Russia - Buryat Republic (2008-01) .svg Buryat RepublicRepublic of Buryatia
    1: 2
    Blue stands for the sky and white for purity, yellow for peace and prosperity. The " Soyombo symbol " (sun, moon and flame) represents reconciliation, family life and hospitality.
    Russia - Republic of Khakassia (2008-01) .svg Khakassia RepublicRepublic of Khakassia
    1: 2
    The white-blue-red stripes in the flag of Khakassia come from the Russian national flag. The vertical green stripe means eternal life and is decorated with an old Khakass sun symbol .
    Russia - Republic of Dagestan (2008-01) .svg Dagestan RepublicRepublic of Dagestan
    2: 3
    The top green stripe in the flag of Dagestan means agriculture and hope. The blue stripe stands for the Caspian Sea , which Dagestan borders. Red represents loyalty and courage.
    Russia - Republic of Ingushetia (2008-01) .svg Ingushetia RepublicRepublic of Ingushetia
    1: 2
    The white stripe stands for pure intentions of the people; Green for nature, fertility and Islam. The sun stands for peace and its red color for the struggle of the people.
    Russia - Kabardino-Balkar Republic (2008-01) .svg Kabardino-Balkarian RepublicRepublic of Kabardino-Balkaria
    2: 3
    The colors of the Kabardino-Balkarian flag symbolize the country's blue sky, snow-capped mountains, and green plains. The emblem shows Elbrus, the highest peak in the Caucasus.
    Russia - Republic of Kalmykia (2008-01) .svg Kalmykia RepublicRepublic of Kalmykia
    1: 2
    Хальмг Таңһч
    Chal'mg Tangghtsch
    The yellow of the sun is the symbol of the trust of the people and of the sun that warms the land. The blue circle indicates the consecrated way to the sacred lotus flower in the middle.
    Russia - Karachay-Cherkess Republic (2008-01) .svg Karachay-Cherkessia RepublicKarachay-Cherkessia Republic
    1: 2
    Karachay Cherkessia
    Karachay Cherkes
    Blue in the flag of Karachay-Cherkessia symbolizes peace, friendly intentions and tranquility, green the nature, fertility and wealth. Red stands for warmth and unity of the people. The mountains in the middle are reminiscent of the republic's location on the northern slope of the Caucasus .
    Map of Russia - Republic of Karelia (2008-03) .svg Karelia RepublicRepublic of Karelia
    2: 3
    Republic of Karelia
    The blue stripe of the flag of the Republic of Karelia stands for the many lakes, the green stripe for the huge spruce forests. The red stripe, on the other hand, stands for warmth and unity of the peoples of Karelia.
    Russia - Komi Republic (2008-01) .svg Komi RepublicRepublic of Komi
    2: 3
    Republic of Komi
    Blue stands for the northern location of the republic, green for the forests and white for the snow. They are also symbols for the virtues of purity, unity and chastity.
    Russia - Mari El Republic (2008-01) .svg Mari El RepublicRepublic of Mari El
    2: 3
    Mari El
    Марий Эл
    Marij El
    Russia - Republic of Mordovia (2008-01) .svg Mordovia RepublicRepublic of Mordovia
    1: 2
    The flag has the same colors as the Russian flag. In the center is the same sun emblem as on the flag of Udmurtia.
    Russia - Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (2008-01) .svg North Ossetia-Alania RepublicRepublic of North Ossetia-Alania
    1: 2
    North Ossetia-Alania
    Цæгат Ирыстон-Алани
    Zægat Iryston-Alani
    White in this flag stands for purity of intentions, yellow for agriculture. The red stripe represents the people of Aryan and their will to keep the peace.
    Map of Russia - Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (2008-03) .svg Sacha RepublicSakha Republic (Yakutia)
    1: 2
    The flag of the Sakha Republic is the official flag of the Yakuts and the Sakha Autonomous Republic. It is reminiscent of the blue sky and the sunshine, the white stripe below of the snow. Red stands for courage and steadfastness, green for the forests of Yakutia.
    Russia - Republic of Tatarstan (2008-01) .svg Tatarstan RepublicRepublic of Tatarstan
    1: 2
    The flag of Tatarstan shows a green and red striped cloth, in the middle of which there is a narrow white stripe. It goes back to the flag of the Turkish “Volga-Ural” community. The green stripe stands for the Muslim majority of the population. The red stripe stands for the Russian minority. The white dividing line symbolizes the peace that unites both.
    Russia - Chechen Republic (2008-01) .svg Chechnya RepublicChechnya Republic
    2: 3
    Green stands for Islam and new life. Red is reminiscent of the blood shed for freedom, and white is the road leading to freedom.
    Russia - Chuvash Republic (2008-01) .svg Chuvash RepublicRepublic of Chuvashia
    5: 8
    Чăваш Ен
    Tschăwasch Jen
    The flag of Chuvashia shows the tree of life with three roots on a red base, which stands for the Chuvashian country . The three suns are an old emblem. Gold stands for future and prosperity.
    Russia - Tuva Republic (2008-01) .svg Tuva RepublicRepublic of Tuva
    1: 2
    The flag of the Republic of Tuva is said to represent courage and hardness with the colors blue, prosperity with yellow and chastity with white. The stripes represent the confluence of the Bii-Chem and Kaa-Chem rivers near Kysyl , in which they form the Ulug-Chem ( Jenissei ).
    Russia - Udmurt Republic (2008-01) .svg Udmurt RepublicUdmurt Republic
    1: 2
    The octagonal sun sign in the middle is supposed to protect the people from misfortune. Black symbolizes earth and stability, white morality and the cosmos, red life and the sun.

    Cities with subject status

    Cities with subject status are only the two metropolises Moscow and Saint Petersburg .

    location Flag / SV city Remarks
    Russia - Moscow Oblast (2008-01) .svg MoscowMoscow
    2: 3
    The Moscow city coat of arms shows the dragon slayer Georg . A white knight rides a white horse on a red background, wrapped in a blue cloak and wearing a blue shield as a model for the coloring of the Russian national colors.
    Tsar Peter the Great chose the colors for the flag of Russia (white, blue, red) from this coat of arms.
    Russia - federal city of Saint Petersburg (2008-01) .svg St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg
    2: 3
    Saint Petersburg
    The city coat of arms shows references to the ruler's residence and the seaport, which is connected to the internal Russian river system:
    * a scepter
    * a sea anchor
    * an inland anchor

    Autonomous circles

    Autonomous counties (Russian: Автономный округ, Awtonomny okrug) mostly comprise huge, extremely sparsely populated areas in the north of the country and in Siberia. Most of the time, the indigenous peoples are in the minority compared to the Russians.

    location Flag / SV Autonomous Circle Remarks
    Russia - Agin-Buryat Autonomous Okrug (2008-01) .svg Agin Buryats Autonomous OkrugAgin Buryat Autonomous Okrug
    2: 3
    Agin Buryat Autonomous Okrug The blue color stands for the people of the Buryats , who are also called Buryat Mongols and carry part of the Soyombo symbol as in the flag of Mongolia .
    Map of Russia - Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (2008-03) .svg Chanting and mannersAutonomous circle of the Khanty and Mansi / Ugra
    1: 2
    Autonomous circle of the Khanty and Mansi The white emblem is the stylized representation of a crown. A narrow vertical white stripe is added to the flag on the right edge.
    Map of Russia - Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (2008-03) .svg Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugYamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
    2: 3
    Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug The ornament is the same as in the flag of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug .
    Map of Russia - Nenets Autonomous Okrug (2008-03) .svg Nenets Autonomous OkrugAutonomous Okrug of the Nenets
    2: 3
    Autonomous Okrug of the Nenets The flag is the result of a competition.
    Map of Russia - Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (2008-03) .svg Chukchi Autonomous OkrugChukchi Autonomous Okrug
    2: 3
    Chukchi Autonomous Okrug In the center of the triangle, the Russian national colors are shown in a golden circle. The gold stands for the sun, for friendship and hope. White represents ice that covers the region for much of the year.

    The autonomous area

    The Jews were never the majority of the population in the area that the Soviet government designated as their Jewish “ homeland ”. They reached the highest proportion after the Second World War, at around a third. Today there is a discussion about integrating the Jewish Autonomous Oblast into the Khabarovsk region .

    location Flag / SV Autonomous area Remarks
    Map of Russia - Jewish Autonomous Oblast (2008-03) .svg Judic Autonomous OblastJewish Autonomous Oblast
    2: 3
    ייִדישער אױטאָנאָמע געגנט
    Yidisher Oytonome countered
    The colored stripes in the flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast symbolize the rainbow. The white background is similar to that of the flag of Israel . It is noticeable that the flag does not use any Jewish symbols such as the Star of David .


    Oblasts (literally " area ") are larger administrative districts with less autonomy than the republics.

    location Flag / SV Oblast Remarks
    Map of Russia - Amur Oblast (2008-03) .svg Amur OblastAmur Oblast
    2: 3
    Amur Oblast
    Амурская область
    Amurskaya oblast
    The wavy lines in the flag symbolize the Amur River , which forms the border with China. The colors red-white-blue are taken from the Russian flag (in a different order).
    Map of Russia - Arkhangelsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Arkhangelsk OblastArkhangelsk Oblast
    2: 3
    Arkhangelsk Oblast
    Архангельская область
    Arkhangelskaya oblast
    The name Arkhangelsk is derived from the Russian word for archangel. The archangel Michael is depicted on the flag , who defeated Lucifer . There is a crown above it.
    Map of Russia - Astrakhan Oblast (2008-03) .svg Astrakhan OblastAstrakhan Oblast
    2: 3
    Astrakhan Oblast
    Астраханская область
    Astrakhanskaya oblast
    In the middle of the light blue flag is a silver curved sword with a golden hilt under a golden crown with a cross.
    Map of Russia - Belgorod Oblast (2008-03) .svg Belgorod OblastBelgorod Oblast
    Belgorod Oblast
    Белгородская область
    Belgorodskaja oblast
    This flag is divided into four equal parts by a blue cross. The white field refers to the name Belgorod , which translated means white city . In this field is the coat of arms, which shows an eagle over a lion, which alludes to the Belgorod regiment in the 18th century.
    Russia - Bryansk Oblast (2008-01) .svg Bryansk OblastBryansk Oblast
    1: 1.5
    Bryansk Oblast
    Брянская область
    Bryanskaya oblast
    The coat of arms on the red flag represents the unity of the three great Slavic peoples in which Bryansk has a share: Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. The three-tiered pine stands for the thicket of the region. The coat of arms on the tree is the coat of arms of the Oblast capital Bryansk . The shield is surrounded by oak leaves as a symbol and the ribbon of the Order of Lenin , which the region received in 1967 for the resistance struggle during the German occupation. A hammer and sickle are depicted above the shield to indicate that this oblast was founded during the Soviet era.
    Russia - Irkutsk Oblast (2008-01) .svg Irkutsk OblastIrkutsk Oblast
    2: 3
    Irkutsk Oblast
    Иркутская область
    Irkutskaya oblast
    The flag shows - like the coat of arms - a Siberian tiger with a sable in its teeth. This image was used as early as 1642. Black stands for cleverness, red for courage, blue for the waters of the region ( Lake Baikal and Angara ) and white for the Siberian winters. The emblem is surrounded by stylized cedar branches.
    Russia - Ivanovo Oblast (2008-01) .svg Ivanovo OblastIvanovo Oblast
    2: 3
    Ivanovo Oblast
    Ивановская область
    Ivanovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Yaroslavl Oblast (2008-03) .svg Yaroslavl OblastYaroslavl Oblast
    Yaroslavl Oblast
    Ярославская область
    Yaroslavskaya oblast
    The flag shows a black bear with a silver halberd. The bear has been a symbol of the region since the 17th century when Yaroslav the Wise killed a bear that the locals had set on him with his halberd.
    Map of Russia - Kaliningrad Oblast (2008-03) .svg Kaliningrad OblastKaliningrad Oblast
    2: 3
    Kaliningrad Oblast
    Калининградская область
    Kaliningradskaja oblast
    Russia - Kaluga Oblast (2008-01) .svg Kaluga OblastKaluga Oblast
    Kaluga Oblast
    Калужская область
    Kalushskaya oblast
    Russia - Kemerovo Oblast (2008-01) .svg Kemerovo OblastKemerovo Oblast
    1: 2
    Kemerovo Oblast
    Кемеровская область
    Kemerovskaya oblast
    The two-part flag carries the coat of arms of the oblast in the Obereck. In the black triangle there are references to mining and agriculture. Below is the ribbon of the Order of Lenin with the year 1943, the year in which this oblast was founded.
    Map of Russia - Kirov Oblast (2008-03) .svg Kirov OblastKirov Oblast
    Kirov Oblast
    Кировская область
    Kirovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Kostroma Oblast (2008-03) .svg Kostroma OblastKostroma Oblast
    Kostroma Oblast
    Костромская область
    Kostromskaja Oblast
    The coat of arms on the two-tone flag shows a galley with white sails and the imperial flag, a reference to the coat of arms given to the city of Kostroma by Tsarina Catherine II .
    Map of Russia - Kurgan Oblast (2008-03) .svg Kurgan OblastKurgan Oblast
    Kurgan Oblast
    Курганская область
    Kurganskaja oblast
    The flag features an emblem similar to the flag of Kabardino-Balkaria , two mounds named as a woman swimming in a backstroke by the region's deputy Duma chairman Viktor Tataurov. This comment was picked up by the media and nicknamed the flag backstroke swimmer .
    Map of Russia - Kursk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Kursk OblastKursk Oblast
    Kursk Oblast
    Курская область
    Kurskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Leningrad Oblast (2008-03) .svg Leningrad OblastLeningrad Oblast
    2: 3
    Leningrad Oblast
    Ленинградская область
    Leningradskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Lipetsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Lipetsk OblastLipetsk Oblast
    2: 3

    Lipetsk Oblast Липецкая область
    Lipetskaya oblast
    The flag shows a golden tree on five green hills.
    Map of Russia - Magadan Oblast (2008-03) .svg Magadan OblastMagadan Oblast
    2: 3
    Magadan Oblast
    Магаданская область
    Magadanskaya oblast
    In the upper corner of this monochrome flag with white and blue wavy lines for the location on the Pacific is the coat of arms with symbols of progress and the economy: In the red field a geologist's hammer and a pick as well as two gold and one silver bars. The light blue field shows an airplane as the main means of transport in the region and a hydropower plant as the main source of energy. In the dark blue field there are three fish as an indication of the abundance of fish.
    Map of Russia - Moscow Oblast (2008-03) .svg Moscow OblastMoscow Oblast
    Moscow Oblast
    Моско́вская о́бласть
    Moskowskaja oblast
    The flag of the Moscow region carries the coat of arms of the Moscow city ​​coat of arms with the dragon slayer Georg .
    Map of Russia - Murmansk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Murmansk OblastMurmansk Oblast
    2: 3
    Murmansk Oblast
    Мурманская область
    Murmanskaya oblast
    The ratio of the red stripe to the blue stripe is 4: 1. In the middle of the flag there is a golden polar light as an indication of the location on the Arctic Circle .
    Map of Russia - Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (2008-03) .svg Nizhny Novgorod OblastNizhny Novgorod Oblast
    Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
    Нижегородская область
    Nizhegorodskaya oblast
    In the middle of the plain white flag is the coat of arms with a red deer under a golden crown.
    Map of Russia - Novosibirsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Novosibirsk OblastNovosibirsk Oblast
    2: 3
    Novosibirsk Oblast
    Новосибирская область
    Novosibirskaya oblast
    In the middle of the four-colored flag is the coat of arms with two sables holding bread.
    Map of Russia - Novgorod Oblast (2008-03) .svg Novgorod OblastNovgorod Oblast
    Novgorod Oblast
    Новгородская область
    Novgorodskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Omsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Omsk OblastOmsk Oblast
    Omsk Oblast
    Омская область
    Omskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Orenburg Oblast (2008-03) .svg Orenburg oblastOrenburg Oblast
    Orenburg Oblast
    Оренбургская область
    Orenburgskaja oblast
    Map of Russia - Oryol Oblast (2008-03) .svg Oryol OblastOryol Oblast

    Oryol Oblast Орловская область
    Orlovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Penza Oblast (2008-03) .svg Penza OblastPenza Oblast
    Pensa Oblast
    Пензенская область
    Pensenskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Pskov Oblast (2008-03) .svg Pskov OblastPskov Oblast
    Pskov Oblast
    Псковская область
    Pskovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Ryazan Oblast (2008-03) .svg Ryazan OblastRyazan Oblast
    Ryazan Oblast
    Рязанская область
    Ryazanskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Rostov Oblast (2008-03) .svg Rostov OblastRostov Oblast
    Rostov Oblast
    Ростовская область
    Rostovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Sakhalin Oblast (2008-03) .svg Sakhalin OblastSakhalin Oblast
    2: 3
    Sakhalin Oblast
    Сахалинская область
    Sakhalinskaya oblast
    The outlines of Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands are shown on the flag .
    Map of Russia - Samara Oblast (2008-03) .svg Samara OblastSamara Oblast
    Samara Oblast
    Самарская область
    Samarskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Saratov Oblast (2008-03) .svg Saratov OblastSaratov Oblast
    Saratov Oblast
    Саратовская область
    Saratovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Smolensk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Smolensk OblastSmolensk Oblast
    Smolensk Oblast
    Смоленская область
    Smolenskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Sverdlovsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Sverdlovsk OblastSverdlovsk Oblast
    Sverdlovsk Oblast
    Свердловская область
    Sverdlovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Tambov Oblast (2008-03) .svg Tambov OblastTambov Oblast
    2: 3
    Tambov Oblast
    Тамбовская область
    Tambovskaya oblast
    A beehive and three bees are shown on the red-encircled coat of arms in the red and blue two-part flag. Red stands for courage and bravery, blue for the natural beauty and cleanliness of the region.
    Map of Russia - Tyumen Oblast (2008-03) .svg Tyumen OblastTyumen Oblast
    Tyumen Oblast
    Тюменская область / Tyumenskaja oblast
    Map of Russia - Tomsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Tomsk OblastTomsk Oblast
    2: 3
    Tomsk Oblast
    Томская область Tomskaya
    The horse is taken from the coat of arms of the city of Omsk and represents horse transport in earlier times. Above it a tsar's crown.
    Map of Russia - Chelyabinsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Chelyabinsk OblastChelyabinsk Oblast
    Chelyabinsk Oblast
    Челябинская область
    Chelyabinskaya oblast
    The camel is a historical symbol. The yellow stripe stands for the Urals Mountains and its rich natural resources.
    Map of Russia - Tula Oblast (2008-03) .svg Tula OblastTula Oblast
    Tula Oblast
    Тульская область
    Tulskaja oblast
    Map of Russia - Tver Oblast (2008-03) .svg Tver OblastTver Oblast
    Tver Oblast
    Тверская область
    Tverskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Ulyanovsk Oblast (2008-03) .svg Ulyanovsk OblastUlyanovsk Oblast
    Ulyanovsk Oblast
    Ульяновская область
    Ulyanovskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Vladimir Oblast (2008-03) .svg Vladimir OblastVladimir Oblast
    Vladimir Oblast
    Владимирская область
    Vladimirskaya oblast
    The flag is based on the old flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic . It is the only flag in the Oblast with the hammer and sickle symbol . In the middle of the flag is the coat of arms of the oblast, which contains the symbols of oak leaves, lions , cross and tsar's crown.
    Map of Russia - Volgograd Oblast (2008-03) .svg Volgograd OblastVolgograd Oblast
    2: 3
    Volgograd Oblast
    Волгоградская область
    Volgogradskaya oblast
    The flag shows the monument " Mother Motherland Calls " (Russian: Родина-мать зовёт! "Rodina Mat 'sovjot!"), The main attraction of the city of Volgograd (formerly: Stalingrad ) on the memorial of the Battle of Stalingrad .
    Map of Russia - Vologda Oblast (2008-03) .svg Vologda OblastVologda Oblast
    Vologda Oblast
    Вологодская область
    Vologodskaya oblast
    Map of Russia - Voronezh Oblast (2008-03) .svg Voronezh OblastVoronezh Oblast
    Voronezh Oblast
    Воронежская Область
    Voronezhskaya Oblast

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