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Oblast ( Russian and Ukrainian область; belarusian вобласць, Woblasz ; Serb and Bulgarian област; slawisch feminine German also masculine; Kazakh Oblys , plural: Oblystar [ Облыс / Облыстар ]; plurality in German: oblasts or Oblasts ; literally "area") is the name for a larger administrative district in Bulgaria , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Russia , Ukraine and Belarus .



The Bulgarian central state is divided into 28 oblasts, which before 1999 were called "okruge". From 1987 to 1999, three to four of the then okruge were combined into one oblast.


Kazakhstan is divided into 14 Oblystar and three cities with special status.


Kyrgyzstan is divided into seven oblasts and the two independent cities of Bishkek and Osh .


In Russia, the oblast is a federation unit ( subject ), endowed with administrative autonomy and the equivalent of the German state or the American state . Oblasts have far fewer powers than the sub-republics.



The Ukraine 's 24 regions, the Crimea divided and two cities with special status.


Belarus is divided into six Woblasze and the capital district Minsk.

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