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Historic cannon with side trunnions
Trunnion and leveling machine of a 15 cm howitzer around 1900

The trunnion is a two-sided cylindrical approach next to the center of gravity of a gun barrel for mounting the barrel in the mount . As a result, the barrel is movable in the transverse axis with respect to the mount , so that the firing range can be changed by changing the incline ( increasing ) of the barrel .

As the illustration shows, the tube can be rotated around the trunnion; In modern guns, the barrel elevation can be adjusted by a directional cannoner or fully automatically by means of an elevation gear.

The word may come from the fact that the axis of the trunnion of a cannon was initially placed on a slotted protective shield; The easiest way to do this is to let the two pegs rest against the front of a slotted protective shield that was supported by soil.

Individual evidence

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