Schrenz (book production)

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Schrenz is a technical term from bookbinding . The Schrenz is located between the front and back covers of the book cover and consists of gray cardboard, cardboard or waste paper. It is also known as a back insert .

The low material thickness of the Schrenz makes it possible to machine books with a round spine in a book line . For books with straight spines, thicker cardboard than Schrenz can be used. The center strip is used among other things to back sleeves or on the outside of Schrenzeinlage false collars to attach.

The width of the Schrenz is determined as follows with a straight back:

Place the two cardboard covers separately against the book block, the distance should in any case correspond to the fold width of about 8 mm, and measure the length with the ruler (2 x cardboard thickness + book block height).

In the case of a round spine, the cardboard is also positioned separately (normally the width of the fold) and measured along the rounded spine. For book covers with thicker cardboard (> 3 mm), the cardboard thickness at Schrenz must also be taken into account.