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Step denotes:

  • an elementary movement phase of walking in humans and animals, see walking
  • a drain element in the movement of walking
  • Step (unit) , an ancient unit of measurement the length of a human step
  • a description of the speed for a pedestrian, see walking pace
  • a special movement of a military formation, see march
  • a gait of the horse, see horse gait
  • an elementary phase of a sequential activity, see sequence control
  • a reaction step for multi-stage chemical reactions
  • an interval step in music
  • the inside of a leg dress, where the two trouser legs are sewn together or can be separated with a zipper, see trousers
  • the genital area

Step is the family name of the following people:

  • Wilhelm Step (* 1892; † in the 20th century), German politician (DDP, KPD, VdgB and CDU)

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