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Vesakh celebration Zurich

The Swiss Buddhist Union (SBU) is a Swiss association within the meaning of Art. 60 ff. ZGB . The SBU is the umbrella organization for Buddhists in Switzerland and is based in Bern . It was founded in 1978 and has 125 individual members and 47 group members (as of November 2011).

The SBU sees itself as the umbrella organization of the various Buddhist communities in Switzerland and does not represent a specific Buddhist school. It is open to all Buddhist directions and traditions on the basis of the "basic Buddhist values". The SBU is a member of the European Buddhist Union .


The member communities meet once a year, usually on the 2nd Sunday in November. They elect the board of directors and the president for a period of one year, whereby it must be ensured that the Buddhist communities and the national languages ​​are taken into account as appropriately as possible. Resolutions and elections are made with a simple majority of the members present. Individual members have one vote, group members have five votes.


The association has the following goals:

Dharma wheel of the SBU
  1. to support the various Buddhist communities in Switzerland and to promote their friendly cooperation.
  2. to make the Buddha's teaching known in Switzerland and to facilitate its practice.
  3. to work with Buddhist organizations abroad, in particular with the "European Buddhist Union".
  4. to represent the common Buddhist interests vis-à-vis the Swiss authorities.
  5. to treat other religious communities in Switzerland with respect.
  6. to inform about Buddhist activities in Switzerland and to document them.
  7. to organize joint lectures, information events and courses on Buddhism in general.

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