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As Floats divers is called working diver the German navy , which in a 8-week course at the use training center prevent damage Marine be formed in Neustadt (Holstein).

The sports test to check physical performance is as follows:

  • 5000 meters run in a maximum of 25 minutes
  • 300 meters of clothes swimming in a maximum of 8 minutes
  • At least 3 pull-ups
  • Submersion exercise (water depth 5.8 meters), in which two 5 kg rings must be recovered that are 10 meters apart
  • 25 meters distance diving with one turn
  • Lifeguard badge in bronze
  • Fulfilled physical fitness test according to the guidelines of the Bundeswehr

During the 8-week course, theoretical specialist knowledge about diving with and without a device is imparted, as well as practical diving during the day, at night, in bad weather conditions, in deep diving pots and on the open sea. After about three weeks, the aspiring swim divers go out on a diving school boat to the Baltic Sea and learn there knowledge of underwater defense against melee weapons (finding explosive devices on ships).

As soon as they are deployed, swim divers receive a hazard and board allowance.

In order to be able to complete the swim diver course, the soldier nowadays needs a command on board a ship or a reason from which it can be seen that he urgently needs this course.

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