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Six Star General (ger .: Six Star General ) is a fictional, never introduced military officer rank of the United States of America .


Badge of rank of a "General of the Army" of the USA

On January 21, 1955, admirers of General Douglas McArthur , who at that time wore a five-star badge of rank as General of the Army , proposed a resolution in the United States Senate that would have authorized the President to make McArthur General of to appoint the Armies . The move had no prospect of success and was not brought up for formal debate or voting. In some books published more than 50 years later, the rank proposed for McArthur is referred to as six-star general.

General of the Armies

The rank of "General of the Armies of the United States" has only been awarded twice.

John Pershing

When the new five-star rank of General of the Army was created in December 1944 , John J. Pershing , who was appointed General of the Armies of the United States as early as 1919 , was given four as a badge of rank at his own request, not five silver ones wore gold stars on his shoulders, given precedence over all new five-star generals. Although this only concerned seniority among the five-star general, it led to speculation that he had been made six-star general, but Pershing wore the four gold stars he had worn since 1919 until his death.

George Washington

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of American independence in 1976, George Washington was posthumously appointed General of the Armies by President Gerald Ford , with permanently higher anciency than any other military command in the United States. Because of this, he has been called a six-star general by some newspapers.

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