Transmitter 1212

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The transmitter 1212 was a US Army operated transmitter in Luxembourg during the Second World War. It went on the air on December 6, 1944 and ended its broadcast on April 25, 1945 by feigning taking of the station. The transmitter was a US camouflage transmitter that broadcast a German program between two and six o'clock on the long-wave frequencies of Radio Luxembourg and thus reached the population of the Rhineland . The station disguised its identity and pretended to be a German station. As director and editor, Hanuš Burger had overall responsibility for the station 1212.

The aim of the broadcasts was to get the civilian population, but also the German soldiers, to give up or to defeat. The news consisted of a mixture of facts and assumptions, but also deliberate disinformation . Other transmitters included the soldier transmitter Calais , German short wave transmitter Atlantic , Gustav Siegfried 1 and the transmitter Christus König .

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