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Sendzimir roller arrangement

A Sendzimir stand is a multi-roll stand construction ( cluster mill ) for cold rolling , with which flat products can be rolled with particularly low tolerance and thin . It is named after its inventor Tadeusz Sendzimir , who applied for a patent for the basic principle in July 1935.


Based on a multi-roller mill developed by Wilhelm Rohn in 1930, in which the two work rolls are supported by four larger back-up rolls, which in turn are supported on six further, even larger back-up rolls (1-2-3 configuration) - a deflection of the work rolls is prevented by the rigidity of the larger back-up rolls - with today's Sendzimir mill, the work rolls and the four primary back-up rolls are only floating and the six secondary back-up rolls are again supported by eight additional groups of rolls with an even larger diameter (1-2-3-4 configuration). These rolls, which are arranged next to each other in the manner of rolls, are mounted on adjustable bearing blocks at short intervals, so that the deflection or support of the roll stack can be adapted to the rolling stock via these bearing blocks and the forces acting are not only absorbed by the rigidity of the rolls and the roll bearings in the stand . The floating mounting of the work and support rolls, which can be removed from the side of the stand, also significantly shortens the set-up times when changing rolls, which makes the operation of such a rolling mill particularly economical.


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