Senior telephone

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Senior telephone with large buttons and an optical bell signal

A senior phone is a phone that is specifically designed to meet the physical needs of the elderly or the physically challenged. The manufacturers consciously forego a rich variety of functions in order to keep the usability of the devices as simple and intuitive as possible. Often, senior phones are expanded to include a so-called emergency function , which enables the owner to make an emergency call to a previously defined rescue service with just one push of a button .

Telephone with extra large buttons. Type DFeAp 321 Hamburg

Typical features of such devices:

  • Big Keys (Decreasing Eyesight)
  • Particularly loud adjustable ringtones
  • Optical signals (e.g. flashlight) in addition to the ringtone
  • Adjustable volume of the telephone receiver (decrease in hearing sensitivity)
  • Inductive couplers in the telephone receiver for direct transmission of the loudspeaker signal into a hearing aid

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