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Serviceability ( English usability ) refers to DIN ISO 9241 -11, the extent to which a product, system or service can be used by certain users in a particular application context to certain objectives effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily achieved. It is thus closely related to the more common colloquial term usability (Engl. User friendliness ) and the broader concept of user experience (UX).

In terms of usage properties, a distinction is made between those that are absolutely necessary and those with additional benefits. The usability can only refer to sufficiently objectifiable facts within the framework of the standardized consideration .

The investigation of usability including user friendliness are essential components in product tests .


The standards bodies have published various standards that are of interest in terms of usability:

  • ISO 9126 ( DIN 66272 ): Quality criteria for software products - Quality characteristics and guidelines for their use
  • ISO 9241 : Ergonomic requirements for interactive systems and the process for designing interactive systems
  • ISO / IEC 12119 : Software products - Quality requirements and test provisions
  • ISO 14915 : Software ergonomics for multimedia user interfaces
  • EN 60601-1-6 : Usability for medical electrical devices
  • EN 62366 : Application of usability to medical devices
  • DIN 66050 : Usability - Concept (1982)

Special features of medical devices

Usability test in the experimental operating room in Tübingen

Since medical devices are generally safety-critical devices, special requirements must also be placed on the usability of these devices. In addition to the usability factors of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction, safety must also be taken into account. A usability test should also be carried out in a special usability laboratory to simulate a typical usage environment and situation. Special requirements for the verification and validation of the usability of medical devices are specified in the standards DIN EN 60601-1-6 and DIN EN 62366 .


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