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Sigríður is a female Icelandic name .

Origin and meaning

Sigríður is a modern Icelandic variant of the name of the Old Norse name Sigríðr , which can be traced back to * Sigfríðr . The latter can be broken down into SIG with the meaning victory and FRÍÐ with the main meaning beautiful .

In Iceland , the name Sigríður was the third most common female first name in 2012 after Guðrún and Anna .


The variant Sigrid can be found in German-speaking countries , see there for further variants.

Name bearer

Individual evidence

  1. Sigríður
  2. Sigríðr
  3. * Sigfríðr
  4. SIG
  5. FRÍÐ
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  7. Sigríður Dúna Kristmundsdóttir