Simple Railroad Command Protocol

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The Simple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP) is a TCP / IP- based protocol that enables uniform communication between model railway software and hardware. A so-called SRCP server ensures that one or more SRCP clients can access the model railway hardware without having to consider manufacturer-specific features. The SRCP clients can be put together modularly and take on different tasks, such as B. Locomotive control or interlocking functions .

The protocol was launched in 2000 in the newsgroup de.rec.modelle.bahn, because at that time some model railway manufacturers had already equipped their model railway interfaces with different, incompatible protocols. The forerunner and the first ideas for an IP-based protocol date back to 1998.

In January 2007 by the IANA the port assigned number 4,303th

SRCP is used by Digital Direct for Linux and Rocrail , among others .

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