Siwu (language)

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speaker 27,000 (2003)
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ISO 639 -1


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ISO 639-3


Siwu (also Akpafu-Lolobi , Lolobi , Akpafu , Siwusi ) is the language of the Siwu ethnic group in Ghana with approx. 27,000 speakers (2003) in the southeast of Ghana, north of Hohoe .

The Siwu speakers also refer to themselves as Mawu.

Recognized dialects are Akpafu and Lolobi. The names Apkafu and Lolobi also stand for the place and the people who live there. Both dialects are very understandable to each other, although the respective speakers have been politically separated for about 200 years. There is 66% intelligibility with Ewe .

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