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Sopwith Camel was a pop group formed in San Francisco in 1966 . It combined psychedelic West Coast fragments of pop - and rock 'n' roll rhythms to "Good Time Music". Sopwith Camel entered and a. in the opening act for Jefferson Airplane and the Rolling Stones .

They are considered to be the pioneers of psychedelic rock from San Francisco. As one of the first bands of this era they got a nationwide record deal and with the title Hello, Hello (released in Germany on the Kama Sutra label) they were the first band of this style with a bigger hit in the US charts.

But because the line-up changed in the meantime, it took over a year to the first album, and by then it had already overtaken developments in music. After the album failed, the band broke up in 1967.

At the beginning of the 70s there was a reunion and a second album, but although the band name Sopwith Camel , which was derived from the nickname of a fighter plane from the First World War, was known to many, the successes were again limited this time, so that after a few Years ago.


  • William Sievers (guitar)
  • Peter Kraemer (vocals, keyboard)
  • Terry MacNeil (guitar)
  • Martin Beard (bass)
  • Norman Mayell (percussion, harmonica)


  • 1967: Sopwith Camel (republished three times under a different title)
  • 1973: The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon


  • 1967: Hello, Hello / Treadin '
  • 1967: Postcard From Jamaica / Little Orphan Annie
  • 1967: Saga Of The Low Down Let Down / The Great Morpheum
  • 1973: Fazon / Sleazy Street

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