Chip conveyor

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CNC lathe with belt-driven chip conveyor (front right)

A chip conveyor is an assembly in machine tools . It is used to convey chips from the work area into a collecting container and at the same time to separate the chips from the cooling lubricant .


  • Hinged belt conveyors consist of a conveyor belt made up of segments that are connected by hinges . Ribs (transverse drivers) are often attached at regular intervals, perpendicular to the hinge, to ensure that the chips are taken along.
  • Scraper belt conveyors transport the chips over chains with cross pins that scrape the chips out of the bottom of the housing.
  • Magnetic belt conveyors contain permanent magnets or electromagnets below the conveyor plate or belt, which fix the chips on the belt even on inclines. At the end of the transport path, the magnetic effect is canceled and the chips are thrown off.
  • Screw conveyors transport the chips via one or more screw conveyors .


In addition to an integrated chip conveyor system, there are also various manufacturers of complete chip conveyor systems that are connected externally to the existing machinery. This can be dimensioned and designed precisely to the requirements and the degree of purity.