Top jabot

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A top jabot is a jabot , a kind of "bib" that Funkenmariechen or Tanzmariechen or guard dancers wear to their uniform below their necks.

Lace jabot with rhinestones in a modern guard uniform

Appearance and style

The lace jabot is usually made of lace tape that is sewn on top of each other, slightly overlapping. Lace jabots come in different sizes and designs, with the more modern designs being smaller than they used to be. The jabots are usually white, but they are often made in other colors or set with rhinestones .

On the Lower Rhine, the jabot is called "Bäffgen" (see Beffchen ).


Some lace jabots are simply tied around the neck, others have a ribbon that is placed around the neck and closed with a snap or a Velcro fastener. Many jabots are also buttoned directly to the uniform, like the jabot shown in the photo.