Site of the capital Xianyang of Qin State

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The site of the capital Xianyang of the Qin State ( Chinese  秦 咸阳 城 遗址 , Pinyin Qín Xiányáng chéng yízhǐ , English Site of Xianyang City, the Capital of the Qin State ) from the time of the Warring States to the Qin Dynasty is located in the area of Xianyang in the Chinese province of Shaanxi . It was the capital of Qin State and the Qin Dynasty. The site is located about 15 km east of the city of Xianyang on the northern bank of the Wei River ( Wei He ).

The site of the Qin City Xianyang ( Qin Xianyang cheng yizhi ) has been on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China (3-207) since 1988 .

The site of the Xianyang Palace ( 咸阳宫 , Xiányáng gōng ) was excavated in 1974. It was the political, economic and cultural center of Qin State and the Qin Dynasty. He was born in 350 BC. Built when Gong Xiao of Qin (秦孝公, 381–338 BC) moved the capital to Xianyang. It later burned down during the attack by Xiang Yu ( Han Gaozu's rival ) on Xianyang and the massacre of the population.

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  1. Various other terms that can be found in the specialist literature are Xiányáng Qín gōngdiàn yízhǐ 咸阳 秦 宫殿 遗址, Qín Xiányáng gōngdiàn yízhǐ 秦 咸阳宫 遗址 发掘, Xianyang Palace site (Qin), Xiányáng gōng 咸阳宫 etc.

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