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Xianyang (China)
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Coordinates 34 ° 21 '  N , 108 ° 43'  E Coordinates: 34 ° 21 '  N , 108 ° 43'  E
Basic data
Country People's Republic of China


surface 10,213 km²
Residents 5,191,500 (2016)
density 508.3  Ew. / km²
Location of Xianyang Prefecture within Shaanxi (China) .png
View over the Wei He to Xianyang

Xianyang ( Chinese  咸陽 市  /  咸阳 市 , Pinyin Xiányáng Shì ) is a district-free city in Shaanxi Province in the People's Republic of China . It is located 25 km northwest of Xi'an on the Wei River in the central Guanzhong plain . The urban area is 10,213 square kilometers including the suburbs it manages and has 5.19 million inhabitants (mid-2016). 835,648 people live in the actual urban settlement area of ​​Xianyang (2010 census).


Xianyang was the capital of Qin .


Thirteen kilometers from the city is Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, the largest airport in northwest China. Color television sets, textiles, machines, food and building materials are produced in the city. There are coal mines and quarries where shell limestone is extracted. Wheat and cotton are grown in the region .


There are many sites classified as Monuments of the People's Republic of China in the Xianyang area , such as the Shunling mausoleum and the site of the capital Xianyang of Qin State . In district Weicheng are the mausoleum Han Yang Ling (汉阳陵) of the Han emperor Jingdi , the Changling Mausoleum that Tang -temporal grave conditioning Xing Ning Ling (兴宁陵), the Ming -temporal Northern iron pagoda , and Xianyang Confucian Temples , Qindu District is home to the Qin and Han Age ruins of Shahe Bridge , and Yangling District is where Sui Emperor Wen's tailing mausoleum is located .

Administrative structure

The district-free city of Xianyang consists of three districts, two independent cities and nine counties. These are:

  • Qindu City District - 秦都 区Qíndū Qū ;
  • Weicheng district - 渭城区Wèichéng Qū ;
  • Binzhou City - 彬 州市Bīnzhōu Shì ;
  • Xingping City - 兴平 市Xīngpíng Shì ;
  • Sanyuan County - 三原 县Sānyuán Xiàn ;
  • Circle Jingyang -泾阳县Jingyang Xiàn ;
  • Qian County - 乾 县Qián Xiàn ;
  • Liquan County - 礼泉县Lǐquán Xiàn ;
  • Yongshou County - 永寿县Yǒngshòu Xiàn ;
  • Circle Changwu -长武县Chángwǔ Xiàn ;
  • Kreis Xunyi -旬邑县Xunyi Xiàn ;
  • District Chunhua -淳化县Chunhua Xiàn ;
  • District Wugong -武功县Wǔgōng Xiàn .

The former city district of Yangling - 杨陵 区Yánglíng Qū , in which an agricultural high-tech demonstration zone has been established since 1997, was directly subordinate to the provincial government.

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