Weicheng (Xianyang)

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The municipality of Weicheng ( 渭城区 , Wèichéng Qū ) is a municipality in the prefecture -level city of Xianyang in Shaanxi Province in the People's Republic of China . It has an area of ​​272 square kilometers and has a population of 400,000 (2004).

The Xi'an Xianyang International Airport is located in the municipality.

In the village Hanling the greater community Yaodian located Changling Mausoleum , which on the list of since 1988 monuments of the People's Republic of China is. In the large village Zhengyang the mausoleum are Han Yang Ling (汉阳陵) of the Han emperor Jingdi with a 1999 opened museum showing the results of the 1990 ongoing excavations underground, and the Tang-temporal grave conditioning Xing Ning Ling (兴宁陵) . There is also the Confucian Temple of Xianyang in Weicheng, which is also classified as a monument of the People's Republic of China.

Administrative structure

At the community level, the city district consists of four street districts and six large municipalities. These are:

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Coordinates: 34 ° 22 '  N , 108 ° 43'  E