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The circle Chunhua (淳化县; Pinyin : Chunhua Xiàn) belongs to the administrative area of the prefecture-level city Xianyang in the Chinese province of Shaanxi . In 1999 it had 183,479 inhabitants.

In the circle are the Hanzeitliche site of the Ganquan Palace (甘泉 宫 遗址, Gānquán gōng yízhǐ ), the starting point of the Graden Qin Street (秦 直 造 起点 遗址, Qín zhízào qǐdiǎn yízhǐ ) from the time of the Qin dynasty , and in the municipality of Tiewang (铁 王 乡) the Hanyunling mausoleum (汉 云 陵, Hàn yún líng ) from the time of the Western Han Dynasty , which are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China .



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Coordinates: 34 ° 48 '  N , 108 ° 35'  E