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The municipality of Qindu ( 秦都 区 , Qíndū Qū ) is a municipality in the prefecture -level city of Xianyang in Shaanxi Province in the People's Republic of China . It has an area of ​​251 square kilometers and has a population of 430,000 (2002).

The Qin and Han period ruins of the Shahe Bridge (沙河 古桥 遗址, Shāhé gǔ qiáo yízhǐ ), which have been on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China since 2013, are located in the city district .

Administrative structure

At the community level, the city district consists of six street districts and six large communities.

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Coordinates: 34 ° 19 '  N , 108 ° 41'  E